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Direct Enrollment

Direct Primary
Care Membership

Unlimited doctor visits for $10, $25 for urgent care, and virtual care at $0 out of pocket


Save up to 85% on
Your Prescription

Medicare (Medigap)

When signing up for Medicare we make the process of choosing the right plan as easy as possible.

Senior Dental Insurance
(Vision Optional)

Finding dental insurance for
seniors doesn’t have
to be difficult.


Planning your next vacation?
Don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!

**The advertised plan prices are for that of a 30-year-old female residing in ZIP Code 77001, without pregnancy, cancer, tobacco use or any major medical condition diagnosis within the last 5 years. Budget plan quote is for $10,000 maximum benefit; Standard plan quote is for $25,000 maximum benefit, and Premium plan quote is for $2,000,000 maximum benefit. All quoted plans have $0 deductible and prescription drug coverage. Quotes are subject to change and may not apply to you. See policy for exclusions and limitations.

+ Silverstein HR Inc. is only licensed in the state of Florida for Sidecar Health.